Every bride has different needs,

that is why we offer variety

in our services.





If you need support exclusively for the final details, without neglecting the most important aspects for your wedding coordination, then this is the ideal pack for you.

We help you plan the wedding day logistics, along with a sketch map that will allow you to visualize the assembly and montage for the day of the event.

Tastings are a very important part, we help you program and overlook that your catering service will replicate the previously selected services, on your wedding day.

We also take special care in all the previous aspects for your wedding ceremony, coaching you for a suitable selection of readings, participants and musical interventions.

We oversee and supervise each and every one of the activities of your previously selected suppliers and caterers and we complement them with important information that will allow us to coordinate even the smallest of details.





If you have little time to plan you wedding, you are doubtful about the catering services and suppliers to be hired or you just want to save money and hour of stress, then this pack is ideal for you.

You will have personalized attention and be advised on how to design your event, we will support you with any prenuptial paperwork, formalities and procedures, and most importantly we will adequately manage your budget.

In this package we prioritize activities through a monthly chronogram, which you will be able to consult as many times as needed, to work along with your wedding planner in the most organized way possible.

We will share important information with you in order to make easier tasks, you will have support during an extensive and convenient time schedule so we can solve all your doubts and inquiries.

We want you to enjoy the planning process from the get go, so the medium package is perfect for couples that want a wholesome service, without any last minute worries.






We have created this service for couples that live abroad in a different city or country. This pack gives you full guarantee of having continuous and full time advise and counseling, so you can adequately select and hire EVERY SINGLE supplier, caterer or service provider that you might need for your wedding celebration.

We know how much detail goes into destination weddings, for that matter we offer services that are indispensable to create an unforgettable experience for the entire stay of you and your guests.

We will handle activities such as welcoming amenities and parties, as well as transportation services for your guests to every event we might coordinate.

This package is ideal for couples that want to lie a full experience without worrying for details out of their reach. We have a team of touristic area professionals that will make this, even a more enjoyable experience.

We make your wishes materialize, so anything and everything is possible for us and our amazing team. We are sure we can fulfill your expectations.

If you require further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to talk to you and solve any doubts and answer any questions you might have.